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Affordable Chiropractic Adjustments in Somerset, KY

When it comes to children, chiropractic comfort can treat many ailments and discomforts. At our office in Somerset, we treat children, men, and women with the same level of care and expertise. Let us help you get back into action again with the chiropractic care you need.

We treat children

Children do not need to meet a minimum age requirement in order to seek out our services. Subluxations, or spinal restrictions, can occur during the birthing process when babies twist and are tugged entering the world. Kids tend to not have the stress levels adults have, so they need a different kind of treatment. With infants, pressure applied in the right direction with two fingers can eliminate such a problem. We always conduct a full evaluation of every patient before applying treatment.


Let us help you with your mobility and strength. It is our goal to help you recover faster and eliminate your pain. Whether you need someone to help you after you're injured in a car accident, relief from sciatica, or treatment for a specific medical ailment, we're here. 


Diagnostics is a huge part of the services we provide. We carefully evaluate each patient's situation to help the individual find greater ranges of motion and peace of mind. We can also assist with advice regarding posture and how to achieve outstanding spine alignment.
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